Waterproof & Weather Proof Labels

o   DirectThermal Labels:

The biggest advantage ofdirect thermal labels is that they are cheap and easy to print. Now you cantake advantage of that and also print waterproof/chemical proof labels withplastic synthetic direct thermal material. These are ideal for short term useindoor/outdoor.



§  Garden/PlantLabels

§  OutdoorStock Management

§  ManufacturingLines

§  PriceLabels for Outdoor Stock

§  Barcoding

§  Andmore


o   ThermalTransfer Labels:

Thermal transfer labels whenpaired with a high quality resin thermal ribbon are a cost effective way toproduce high durability industrial labels that are scratch proof, weatherproof,UV proof, chemical proof and tear resistant.



§  HeavyDuty Inventory Management

§  LongHaul Freight Labels

§  ManufacturingLines

§  HazardLabels

§  ProductTags

§  Andmore


o   InkjetLabels:

A combination of plasticsynthetic material and pigment ink turns inkjet labels into weatherproof labelsthat are waterproof, scratch resistant, chemical proof, UV resistant and tearresistant. A layer of laminate can be added for extra protection and give thelabel a gloss/matte finish



§  OutdoorPromotional Material

§  RetailProducts

§  GuerillaMarketing Stickers

§  CommercialProducts

§  CarStickers

§  AndMore

·        Clear/TransparentLabels:

Clear or transparent labelsare a great way to promote your products and looks amazing on glass/acrylicpackaging. They give the product a sophisticated look and are very durable.Being transparent, these labels allow you to showcase your product and add adescription without taking away from the product itself. A transparent labelalso allows you to add extra information onto your product in a way that isn’tintrusive and blends in with the existing packaging.


Transparent labels come intwo materials:

·        Synthetic Polypropylene (PP) – Suits Inkjet Printers(LX2000 & TM-C3500)

o   TearResistant

o   SmudgeProof

o   LightWeight/Thin

o   Easyto Apply

o   ExcellentClarity

o   UVStable

·        Polyetheylene Terephthalate (PET) – SuitsThermal Transfer Printers

o   PunctureResistant

o   LowStiffness

o   TearProof

o   HighlyConformable

o   UVStable

o   Greatfor Squeeze Bottles

o   Easyto Apply