Digital vs Offset Printing

The choice of using digital vsoffset for custom printed labels is often a confusing one but it doesn’t haveto be. Both printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages and whichone to choose it down to how many labels you want, how quick you want thoselabels, and the quality of the print


·        Digital Printing Advantages:

o   QuickTurnaround

o   LowSetup Costs

o   LowMinimum Quantities

o   LowerCost for Short Run Labels

o   VariableData Capability


·        Offset Printing Advantages:

o   MoreCost Efficient for Large Quantities

o   TheMore You Print, The Cheaper It Gets

o   ALarge Variety of Materials to Choose From

o   Goldand Metallic Inks Available

o   PantoneColour Matching Available

o   SuperiorPrint Quality with High Colour Fidelity